How you can consult us?

It is very easy to consult us by visiting our clinic or by calling online over phone. Homeopathic Doctor Tahir Iqbal is available personally for patients to discuss their health related issues. Homeopathic treatment is based on detail discussion about disease / symptoms, so we collect detail information and guide patient about his/ her treatment and expected cost involve in preparing medicine. We assure you that it is our top priority to keep patient’s information confidential.

If it is difficult to visit us then you can call us over our contact numbers +92 300 9470059, +92 333 2173335, +92 321 9470059. It is very convenient to discuse your issue over phone , after complete evaluation of disease we can guide. Kindly follow these simple steps for getting medicine at your door step.

1). Contact us over phone and get an appointment for discussion.

2). On given time discuss your issues with Homeopathic Doctor Tahir Iqbal over phone.

3). Send us our consultancy fee and medicine charges. (Click here for payment options)

4). Receive medicine at your door step and take them as per advice.

Consultation Fee & Medicine Cost?

At present we are not charging any consultation fee, you have to pay only medicine charges and additional courier charges in case you want delivery of medicine at your door step. Medicine charges could vary as per severity of disease. We provide medicine in minimum 15 days pack.



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